Lessons in:  Piano • Guitar • Saxophone • Bass • Banjo • Ukulele • Clarinet • Oboe • Voice
Somerset Academy of Music • 3217 West US Route 22 (Montgomery Road), Loveland, OH 45140 • p: 513.683.9277

OlgaOlga Fabrikant is a piano teacher with 47 years of experience. She has taught both children and adults to play various styles of music including, classical, jazz, country and folk music.

From Russia, Olga began playing piano when she was 7 years old. She performed in local schools and clubs. She earned a Masters Degree in piano performance and teaching. She has lived in different parts of Russia, from Siberia to south of the country, working with her students. She moved to America 23 years ago and has continued teaching.

Olga’s students have recitals twice a year. Her students also perform in their schools, churches and competitions.

Some of Olga’s students have become professional musicians and composers, but all of them love and understand music.