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Five Best Metronome Apps

by Dr. Noa Kageyama

Picking the best metronome app can be a little difficult since the only way to test out an app is to buy it. Most only cost a few dollars, but that can add up pretty quickly given the number of apps that are available.

Earlier this week I asked which metronome apps you thought were the best, and you nominated 20 of your favorites. Based on the number of nominations I received, here are your top five:

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Every Child Needs Music: Richard Gill Still Arguing 50 Years On

Music education does not just make children more musical; it unleashes their creative powers.

This year marks my 50th anniversary as a music teacher. Over the course of the last 50 years I have witnessed many changes to the ways in which music is taught. Not only changes to the teaching of classroom music to infants, primary and secondary students, for example, but also significant changes to the way in which instrumental music is taught. The changes to classroom music teaching are evident in the way in which many teachers of music have embraced in part, or sometimes wholly, the educational philosophies of musicians such as Jaques Dalcroze, Carl Orff and Zoltán Kodály.

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Playing a Musical Instrument Makes You Brainier

By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent for The Telegraph

New research suggests that regularly playing an instrument changes the shape and power of the brain and may be used in therapy to improve cognitive skills.

It can even increase IQ by seven points in both children and adults, according to researchers. 

Experts said there is growing evidence that musicians have structurally and functionally different brains compared with non-musicians - in particular, the areas of the brain used in processing and playing music.

These parts of the brain that control motor skills, hearing, storing audio information and memory become larger and more active when a person learns how to play an instrument and can apparently improve day to day actions such as being alert, planning and emotional perception.

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